When is a piece of software Free or Freeware?

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When is a piece of software Free or Freeware? – Or could it be shareware?

My 2 posts on Freeware Scrabble can be viewed at or more recently at (more chance of viewing if the blog address contains the subject) are posts about a piece of true freeware. One of the posts I show, with the permission of Timwi, how to download, save, run and play the game, with little details that I have encountered while playing the game. The game scrabble can be downloaded from

Anyway, to the point now about the millions of pieces of software in cyberspace that are on the surface, appear to be freeware whilst many of them, are indeed, not freeware as we would believe them to be. I think that the term free or freeware should be separate listings and free should not come up in a freeware search at all as is the case with Google. Even the giants like Norton, Mcafee and Zone Alarm come up on a freeware search.

Then one day I discovered a truly true freeware site that only have freeware software listed and so the problem can be minimised if you or I only search for freeware from that site which is or browse the site at (once you have created a FREE ACCOUNT) through the 230000ish of freeware. There are many many excellent programmes some of which mimic the wealthiest office programmes for free – ZERO. A few months ago I came upon a great bit of software – a game calles Scotland yard a game about chasing after Mr. X by using brain power to predict where Mr. X is moving by taxi, bus or underground. He shows himself a few times through the game at given moves or rounds. I am sure that if you need a freeware piece of software for a certain thing ie Office, Security or Browser to name only three then you will be surprised by what is actually freeware for everyone.



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FREEWARE SCRABBLE BY TIMWI – Runs on XP and Vista – no problems.

I am the author of the identical blog on bloglines, so if you find the same blog it’s still me but a duplicate.
I have spent an enormous amount of time to try and find a total freeware scrabble game for the PC. So the question was, “could a total freeware scrabble game really be out there”? Well I decided that there wasn’t one. Then one evening I was looking at a freeware list, and it listed that there was such a freeware game.


1. First of all using a web browser, go to the search box. I have used Firefox, Internet Explorer will do the same job.

2. Copy the http www address from the blog, and enter, you should then have Timwi’s home page as below.

3. Scroll down to view his software & stop at the Scrabble section, as below.

4. Choose the download in the language of your choice and download any of the extra language packs available. I have chosen Scrabble in English (world) as below.

5. Choose to save the package, I am choosing Desktop, however you can choose any drive and any folder you wish as long as you know where it is as below.

6. Go to the folder you chose and extract the contents to that same folder. If you don’t have an unzip tool, you can download and use J-zip from which is freeware. You will then have Scrabble in the folder desired. This Scrabble by Timwi does not need installing as it plays directly from the folder. You can however choose to right click the letter Q by going to the folder named – scrabble extraction – then scrabble, as below. So right click and click on send to desktop (create shortcut).

7. Double click the shortcut you just made on your desktop and you will see. Click (English) if that is your language choice.

The game will load and you will see.

8. Choose new game and you will see (see picture below). Choose number of players and name them in order of who will play first. I will use three players, nick, nicky & nicholas for an example.

9. When you have named all the players, then you can click ok and the game will begin.

10. You will now see the game board, and as I chose nick as the first player, he will start.

11. His letters will show only to him/her once he clicks his name just above the red board border as below.

12. Nick takes his turn by clicking the 7 letters in front of him and then moving the mouse up to the game board. Once he is satisfied with the word and position click the position and his turn will have been played. The first word I put in is a 7 letter word, DIARCHY, and show your horizontal or vertical tiles by right clicking in a free tile space.

13. As you can see below I moved the board to the left, by dragging the grey line to the right of the red background so that the spaces for scoring were bigger, because the letters in the score pad would run into one another. The word I chose DIARCHY, I placed on the board vertically, making sure that I placed the largest letter score on a double letter score (Y) + a bonus of 50 and 40 for the word = 90.

14. The next player is passed the laptop or screen or however you are playing. They will only see their letters once that player, in my case nicky, clicks his name. The letter that nicky placed are NTLERS to form ANTLERS using the A which was already there.


15. Continue playing in the order of the players until nobody can put or make a word with his/her letters. There is a way to change some or all of your letters, all you do is click the lettersthat you do not want and then click menu at the top left, followed by pass/exchange. You will forfeit your turn and the next player will continue and play their turn anyway. I chose M,X,S and I to change and missed my turn.

16. If and when a player gets a blank which can be used for any of the 26 letters of the alphabet then click the tiles including the blank, right click the blank and choose the required letter – you don’t get any value for the blank, however if you save it until later to place all your letters then you can say its value was 50.


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FREEWARE SCRABBLE (£0.00) – Totally freeware

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Freeware Scrabble? (yeh, right) – That’s what I said !!!

I am the author of the identical blog on bloglines, so if you find the same blog it’s still me but a duplicate.

After several months trying to find a true, freeware version of scrabble, I eventually, quite by chance, came across a scrabble game which claimed to be free, but wasn’t. Several more, “claiming to be freeware”, were unfortunately substandard and contained trojans, virus and spyware, as well as not being true freeware.One well known one was a 1 hour license – shareware, a lie as the information said it was freeware.The scrabble game I am going to talk about is totally freeware, virus, trojan and spyware free. GUARANTEED

It is far superior than the official pc game which is very slow, using lots of memory and does not compare to this version, in any shape or form. At least that it is only my personal opinion and others may disagree. It plays on xp and vista with no problems.Interface – ease of operationThe interface is clean, easy to play and learn and very easy to get use to.. – ( I mean, who wants a poor digital person thinking and dancing when the pc player gets a second or third 7 letter word in). You can play with up to 6 players, including if you desire, a computer opponent or if you wish, play a solo game by yourself then you can.There are quite a few advantages with the game, compared to other formats of the same game.

* You don’t have to drag each letter individually.* You make a word by clicking on individual letters until you can see your word directly above the tile space. You then move the word with the mouse to the desired position on the board, rotating the word from horizontal to vertical by right clicking the mouse if you need or wish to.* You can save the game and resume easily a saved game.* The game is not installed as you run the programme from the folder following the download and after extracting the contents of the zip to a destination you know well, like documents or downloads ….etc. All you do is double click the letter q,choose new game and the number of players. Name the players if you wish.

* Once you have placed your letters, the next person can only see the word or words that have been played. The person who is the next player clicks their name at the top and the letters appear down at the bottom of the game window.I could probably babble on for ages but I am sure that you just want the game http www address. Well, here it is……………….

Once you go to the web address you will find a few pieces of software and might be interested in trying them. There are a few different languages you can use in scrabble providing you download the language separately – There are instructions there which explains all of the software functions and faq’s. It would probably be unfair to go into all the aspects of this scrabble programme, as the programme builder explains all of this and more besides. The main reason for writing this blog is so that hopefully more people will find it in a search and so can have the opportunity to download and try it for themselves. All I can say is that the programme is truly fantastic and if you do download and play it, then I am sure you will agree.

Please be sure to follow this blog as I intend to compose a help blog for downloading, installing and running on Windows XP and Vista.

Sometimes it is easier to play and set up after running the game 2 or 3 times. Play will be picked up easily, every time you play.I don’t think anybody will have problems in running the game but if anyone struggles with anything in the game then I would be happy to try and reply with Timwi’s consent. I have no involvement in the writing of the game, and would expect anyone to reply to Timwi and not me.


THE ADDRESS IS………………………………………………
My email address is…………………………………..

Thank you for looking.

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